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Have I got a present for you!! It gives me great pleasure to announce that my single, SHARE, taken from my number one album, HERE YOU ARE, on Quantize Recordings, is now availabe on Traxsource! This package includes some extremely HOT mixes from the one and only Kenny Carpenter, Earl Tutu & John Khan, DJ Spen, Earl Tutu & John Khan, and of course the original LP mix by such an incredible musician, Michele Chiavarini!! Head right on over to Traxsource and let me "Share my world with you!!"

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I am extremely excited to announce the release of my latest album entitled HERE YOU ARE on Quantize recordings. It is available as a physical CD, and as a digital download at your favorite online music stores.

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Quantize Recordings proudly presents the highly anticipated LP from Sheila Ford entitled Here You Are . Singing Jazz, Latin, R&B, Blues and Dance from a very young age, Sheila is an amazingly trained vocalist who plays several instruments and has worked with many legendary musicians and producers through the years. Her unparalleled ability to mimic instruments through vocal improvisations and scatting has quickly become her signature technique. Here You Are is an array of melodic productions that perfectly displays Sheila s soulful tones, vocal quality and mastery of jazz, dance, and blues . Working with a dedicated team of producers, composers and remixers, this project is a definitive look at Sheila Ford s uniqueness. The songs range from traditional jazz, to energetic dance, to percolating Latin rhythms, and soulful songs that demonstrate her extensive talent. Featuring the production talents of Dj Spen, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Atjazz, DJ Spen, Michele Chiavarini, Dimitri From Paris, Joey Negro, John Morales, Kiko Navarro, Gary Hudgins, and Irvin Madden, Here You Are is sure to please anyone who appreciates great music.

Click on the photo below to purchase Here You Are in digital format on Traxsource!

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